Corporate Options

Every year, thousands of eager Transition Year students get in contact with organisations of all shapes and sizes in their communities in an effort to secure a week’s work experience. While everyone agrees that this is in itself a very positive thing, sometimes it can be time-consuming for businesses to set aside time to plan for and then offer students the best possible experience. Here at ThrivingTeens, we can co-ordinate the full week for employers by working with their managers to come up with an action-packed week that balances actual work completed with learning.

For the Employer: We help you offer TY experiences places to your employees’ teenagers and to teenagers in the local community. The teenagers will work in the business on tasks that are pre-planned with managers so that they make a real difference. Coupled with these tasks, they will take part in learning activities on problem solving, career choices, confidence and communication, as well as entrepreneurship and social success.

For the Transition Year Student: The student is expected, welcomed and clear expectations laid out in terms of what they could achieve during the work experience as well as what they will learn. So there’s no hanging around feeling a bit lost and wondering what to do next. ThrivingTeen co-ordinators will liaise with company staff, parents and teenagers so that the experience is top-class.

Click below to view a short presentation from the Transition Year students at Taxback Group.

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