Why Choose ThrivingTeens?

The ThrivingTeens team have years of insight from working with teenagers from all different nationalities, backgrounds, abilities and experiences.

In our work with parent company, MONERE Development Services we develop and deliver bespoke corporate training and career development programmes for some of Ireland’s largest companies. We are lucky enough to have the pleasure of working with some the most dedicated and successful business people in Ireland today as well as having direct contact with thousands of professionals.

For one reason or another, some people they are not at all satisfied by their chosen careers. A CPL Recruitment survey in 2017 found that 50% of Irish workers are not happy in their chosen careers. Having to go in to a job that doesn’t satisfy them for 40+ hours a week, takes a toll on these people. They generally find themselves unhappy in their career and are often stressed or anxious about having to go into work that does not satisfy them day after day.

While some suggest that people fall into these careers others have suggested that the path to a non-satisfying career starts way back in school. This is supported by the 6,000 students that leave third level education within their first year on an annual basis.

This leads us back to teenagers, who often make career choices based on potential income, maximum amount of time off, travel and loads of other factors that if are taken in isolation can lead to poor career choices.

Once we had identified where it goes wrong, we decided to set about developing a programme that would help teens as they move forward in their lives in general. We want to empower teens to make informed decisions about their careers, social lives and home lives and give them the tools to succeed.

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